HDI Certified Instructors


HDI Certified Instructors (HDI-CI) are the only facilitators authorized to deliver HDI certification courses. HDI-CIs present industry best practices and assist individuals who are preparing to take an HDI certification exam, as well as build and enhance the skills of the support professionals. They are expected to have a strong understanding of each course they deliver and be able to relay personal experiences to transfer knowledge and aid in the learning process. An HDI-CI must pass the certification exam at the mastery level for each course they desire to teach.

HDI Certified Instructors are authorized to deliver HDI certification training through one of the following channels:

  • HDI – HDI Certified Instructors that deliver courses presented by HDI are referred to as HDI Faculty. Faculty members are also authorized to deliver courses for an HDI partner.
  • HDI Partner – A training company authorized to market, sell, and deliver HDI courses.
  • HDI Corporate Training Partner – A specific company, educational institution, government agency, or organization that is a client of HDIand desires to train internal support staff using an internal HDI Certified Instructor to deliver HDI courses.