The HDI Certified Instructor Program is built for organizations who have an in-house trainer and want to bring HDI best practices and certification to their teams. The HDI CI Program is an investment to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your service and support center. Once your trainer becomes HDI Certified, the sky is the limit to what your team can do! 

The Benefits include:

  • Saves time and money,train your team when you want on your own schedule
  • Turnkey best practice sand training that your team doesn’t have to create

  • Expand the scope of services your training company can provide.

  • Increase value to your organization or the training company you serve.
HDI CertifiedInstructors are granted access to:

·        HDI Certified Instructor Resources: for classes certified to teach

·        HDI standards: for classes certified to teach.

·        HDI Connect: Our community platform, there is a special CI group for engaging and connecting.

·         HDI Content and Webinars.

How to Become an HDI Certified Instructor

·   HHDI Certified Instructors must complete the following five steps before becoming certified:

1.     Submit the HDI Certified Instructor Application

2.     Attend and complete the instructor-led course you desire to deliver.

3.     Meet the course specific prerequisites.

4.     Pass the certification exam at the mastery level.

5.     Demonstrate instructional presentation skills in the Certified Instructor Course

6.     Complete all paper work required DOU and Certified Instructor Contract 

Step 1 – Submit the application and resume to become an HDI Certified Instructor.

Step 2 Attend and  Complete the instructor-led training course you desire to deliver.

Participating in a class increases the candidate’s knowledge of both the content and the delivery of the courseware. Instructor-led courses are offered publicly each month across North America. For a complete list of scheduled courses, please visit the Course Calendar.

Candidates may take an HDI self-paced online course instead of the instructor-led course for:

·         HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)

·         HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA)

·         HDI Desktop Support Technician (HDI-DST)

·         HDI Support Center Team Lead (HDI-SCTL)

Candidates that elect this option are expected to review the instructor resources to learn more about the instructor-led delivery once they have been certified as an instructor. HDI does recommend all candidates to take the instructor-led course if at all possible so that they may experience the delivery.

Instructor-led training is mandatory for the following courses:

·         HDI Support Center Manager (HDI-SCM)

·         HDI Desktop Support Manager (HDI-DSM)

·         HDI Support Center Director (HDI-SCD)

·         KCS Principles

Candidates need to experience the delivery of these courses in order to learn how the various interactions and activities are facilitated.

Step 3 - Meet the course-specific prerequisites.

A minimum of two years of experience in a support center or contact center and previous instructional experience is recommended for all courses. See the Course Specific Prerequisites for additional requirements.

Step 4 - Pass the certification exam at a mastery level.

For each course the candidate desires to be authorized to deliver, they must pass the related certification exam at the mastery level - which is 90%.

For courses where no certification exam currently exists, the candidate may do one of the following:

·         Perform a teach-back to an HDI Certified Instructor delivering a Train-the-Trainer session (TTT) and receive a satisfactory evaluation.

·         Co-teach their first delivery of a course and receive a satisfactory evaluation from the HDI Certified Instructor with whom they are co-teaching the course.

·         Demonstrate existing mastery of the content through other certifications, such as ITIL Expert.

Step 5 - Demonstrate Instructional Presentation Skills at the Certified Instructor Course

Attend an HDI Certified Instructor course virtually or instructor led and obtain a satisfactory evaluation by the HDI Faculty Instructor. These courses are held quarterly via Instructor led public classrooms and via the HDI Virtual Classroom

Candidates outside of North America who are unable to attend an HDI Certified Instructor workshop in the US may elect one of the following options:

·         Train-the-Trainer 
An HDI partner or client can purchase a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) session to be conducted at their facility. The TTT includes the review of a subset of content from the HDI Certified Instructor workshop and a teach-back of content from a portion of the course they desire to be authorized to deliver. For multiple candidates or multiple courses, the length may be extended. If simultaneous translation is required to deliver the course, the partner is responsible for translator fees. This will also increase the length of the course and possibly the TTT session. The daily rate will apply for additional days required.

·         HDI Certified Instructor Virtual Classroom Course 
HDI will schedule sessions using web-based conferencing technology to deliver a Certified Instructor course. Prior to the first session, candidates will have a one-on-one conference call with the HDI Faculty member who is delivering the virtual classroom course. Candidates should be prepared to provide a recording or webcam that demonstrates their presentation skills.

·         Provide HDI evidence of existing instructor certifications. 
Submit to HDI a copy of instructor credentials from one of the following programs:

·         Microsoft (MCT)

·         CompTIA (CCT+)

·         Cisco Systems

·         Citrix

·         Novell

·         Oracle

·         Apple (ACT)

·         ICMI

Step 5 -

1.     Step 6: Complete all paper work required DOU and Certified Instructor Contract


·         Submit a current resume.

·         HDI Certified Instructor Document of Understanding: Review what is expected of an HDI Certified Instructor and the processes for working with HDI.

·         HDI Certified Instructor Agreement: Review and accept the agreement which defines the relationship between the HDI Certified Instructor and HDI.

Awarding the HDI Certified Instructor Status

Once the candidate’s credentials have been reviewed and the completion of the above steps confirmed, HDI will notify the candidate of his/her status. When awarded the HDI Certified Instructor status, the candidate will be invoiced for the first annual Certified Instructor Fee.

In order to register the candidate as an HDI Certified Instructor and to grant him/her access to the HDI Certified Instructor Resources portal and other resources, all requirements need to have been satisfied, including submitting the candidate’s contact information and bibliography to HDI.

HDI will grant the instructor access to:

·         The HDI Certified Instructor’s Resources

·         All HDI standards

·         HDI Connect Resources

All instructors are expected to be knowledgeable of the best practices, good practices, and trends in the support industry, as well the activities and offerings of HDI. As part of the HDI Certified Instructor benefits, instructors will have access to publications that will help them maintain their knowledge of the industry and about HDI. Active status is required to gain access to the Certified Instructor Resources on the HDI website.

Course-Specific Prerequisites

·         Home

All HDI Certified Instructors are required to provide a copy of their resume to HDI as a part of the application process. It is recommended that instructors have two years of experience as a support center analyst, team lead, manager, trainer, or related consulting experience. In addition, each HDI course may have additional prerequisites that the instructor must satisfy in order to be authorized to deliver that specific course. Below are the prerequisites for delivering each HDI course:

HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)

·         No prerequisites

·         Instructors authorized to deliver the following courses are automatically authorized to deliver HDI-CSR:

·         HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA)

HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA)

·         ITIL Foundation certification recommended

HDI Desktop Support Technician (HDI-DST)

·         ITIL Foundation certification recommended

HDI Technical Support Professional (HDI-TSP)[FM1] [FM2] 

·         ITIL Foundation certification recommended

HDI Support Center Team Lead (HDI-SCTL)

·         ITIL Foundation certification

HDI Support Center Manager (HDI-SCM)

·         ITIL Foundation certification

·         Three years experience as a support center manager or related consulting experience

·         Knowledge of other IT Service Management frameworks recommended, such as ISO/IEC 20000 and KCS

HDI Desktop Support Manager (HDI-DSM)

·         ITIL Foundation certification

·         Three years experience as a desktop support manager or related consulting experience

·         Knowledge of other IT Service Management frameworks recommended, such as ISO/IEC 20000 and KCS

HDI Support Center Director (HDI-SCD)

·         ITIL Foundation certification

·         HDI Support Center Manager (HDI-SCM) certification

·         Three years experience as a support center director or related consulting experience

·         Knowledge of other IT Service Management frameworks recommended, such as ISO/IEC 20000 and KCS

HDI Problem Management (HDI-

·         Required: Operational Support & Analysis certificate (one of the intermediate ITIL capability modules)

·         Suggested: ITIL Expert certificate

KCS Foundation

·         Must be authorized to deliver the KCS Principles course

KCS Principles

·         ITIL Foundation certification

·         KCS Principles certification

·         Three years experience with Knowledge Management

·         Service Management Optimization[FM3] 

·         ITIL Foundations

·         DevOPs Foundations

·         Experience with implementing Service Management Processes


·         Incident Management

·         Problem Management

·         Service Level Management

·         Release Management

·         Configuration Management [FM4] 

·         Support Center Coaching[FM5] 

·         Monitoring and Coaching[FM6] 

·         Quality Form Development Workshop

·         Blending Sales and Service

·         Managing Customer Contacts with Quality

·         Managing Difficult Customers[FM7] 


 [FM1]This class will be retiring in Q/2 or 3 once all D/AST is updated.



 [FM4]All same pre-req

-          ITIL Foundations

-          SM experience implementing processes

 [FM5]3 years Management experience leading a team

 [FM6]3 years Management experience leading a team

 [FM7]Same as SCA/CSR

Maintaining Your HDI Certified Instructor Status

An HDI Certified Instructor must meet the following requirement annually:

1.     Deliver HDI training to a minimum of 25 students.

2.     Adhere to the guidelines established in the Document of Understanding and HDI Certified Instructor Agreement

3.     Keep up to date with course updates and courseware

4.     Attend train the trainer sessions for newly launched versions of courses

HDI reserves the right not to certify anyone who does not meet the criteria stated herein and to revoke Certified Instructor status with reason. HDI has the right to monitor classes with notice as part of the quality assurance program. All HDI Certified Instructors are expected to provide a quality experience, respect for both the customer and HDI, and demonstrate professional etiquette at all times.

 Certified Instructor Online Application

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