Individual Certifications

Each HDI Certification reflects the level of knowledge required for specific roles, ranging from Customer Service Representative to Support Center Director. HDI offers training that aids individuals in preparing for the certification exams while building their knowledge and developing skills based on the certification standards.  The open standards can also be studied independent of any training, and will prepare individuals for the certification exam.

In addition to these role based certifications, HDI offers certification in KCS Principles and ITIL® 4 Foundation.

HDI Certification Exams and Practice Tests

All HDI Certification Exams are based solely on the HDI Certification Standards and not on the content in the HDI Courses.

HDI offers online Practice Tests to assist individuals who are preparing for a certification exam. Once you complete a practice test, a report is provided that lists the questions missed and what competency within the HDI Standard you should review. You may take multiple practice tests as tests are randomly generated from a pool of practice test questions.

All HDI Certification Exams and HDI Practice Tests are delivered through the HDI Learning Center.

Individual Certification Recognition

Upon successfully earning an HDI certification, the individual receives a printed certificate of certification, which can also be digitally downloaded from the HDI Learning Center. They are granted rights to promote their certification using official HDI certification icons. HDI will also send an email to any person of their choice advising the addressee that a person has officially earned a specific HDI certification.

HDI Certified Instructors

HDI Certified Instructors (HDI-CI) are the only facilitators authorized to deliver HDI certification courses. HDI-CIs present industry best practices and assist individuals who are preparing to take an HDI certification exam, as well as build and enhance the skills of the support professionals.  HDI Certified Instructors are authorized to deliver HDI certification training through one of the following channels:

  • HDI – HDI Certified Instructors that deliver courses presented by HDI are referred to as HDI Faculty.
  • HDI Partner – A training company authorized to market, sell, and deliver HDI courses.
  • HDI Corporate Training Partner – A specific company, educational institution, government agency, or organization that is a client of HDI and desires to train internal support staff using an internal HDI Certified Instructor to deliver HDI courses.