For the past four years, HDI has been working with the HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board, industry leaders, and service professionals to help bring focus and maturity to the desktop support community. That collaboration has produced research, white papers, webinars, and more, all focusing on desktop support.  

  • Research: The annual Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report provides insight into current practices, technologies, metrics, staffing, and salaries specific to desktop support operations. 
  • Resources: Search our library of webinars, white papers, HDI Research Briefs, and more.
  • HDI Desktop Support Forum: Network and collaborate face to face with senior-level service and support leaders in desktop support. Learn more about this elite level of HDI membership.
  • Certification and Training: Expand your skill set and get certified as a Desktop Support Manager or Desktop Support Technician.
  • Connect Online: Join the HDI Desktop Support Professional Discussion group on LinkedIn.

Questions? Want to learn more about the resources HDI provides for the desktop support community? Contact your account manager or call the Customer Care Center at 1.800.248.5667.