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The Latest from SupportWorld

VeriSM is a service management approach that helps organizations define their principles and operation model. Learn what it is and what it is not.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, ITIL, ITSM
September 4, 2019

Jeff Rumburg shares how you can combine three critical metrics to create an overall measure of Customer Experience (CX).
Tag(s): supportworld, customer experience, customer satisfaction, metrics and measurements
August 29, 2019

Successful change management requires getting buy in from stakeholders.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, change management, case study
August 28, 2019

Roy Atkinson interviewed Leslie O’Flahavan, professional writing trainer and coach, about the importance of clear language.
Tag(s): supportworld, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, customer service, customer experience
August 27, 2019

Join an IT process manager on his journey to improve customer service and satisfaction, quality and accessibility of service delivery, teamwork, and communication.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, ITSM, ITIL, continual service improvement, COBIT, ISO20000
August 22, 2019

Understanding, focusing on, and improving value is the most important thing any service and support organization can do.
Tag(s): supportworld, business value, service management, ITIL, ITSM
August 21, 2019

Knowledge management for the purpose of team building can help a leader build better relationships with their teams.
Tag(s): supportworld, team building, leadership, knowledge management, workforce enablement, workforce enablement
August 20, 2019

Too often, quality programs stop at the scorecards and support staff focus on the numbers instead of creating a great customer experience.
Tag(s): supportworld, technical support, customer experience, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, metrics and measurements, balanced scorecard, quality assurance
August 15, 2019

If we stop referring to writing skills with the empty word “soft,” we can recognize how important they are to providing great service and support.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer satisfaction, workforce enablement, workforce enablement
August 15, 2019

Learn how an IT organization centralized the fulfillment process to improve efficiency, create a better customer experience, and save money.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, customer experience, asset management
August 13, 2019

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