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The Latest from SupportWorld

An IT service veteran weighs the pros and cons of investing resources into this hot, new technology, and feels the picture for the road ahead may not be fleshed out in 3D.
Tag(s): best practice, business intelligence, business of support, change management, customer experience, supportworld
September 7, 2022

In this IndustryVoices piece, Venkat Balasubramanian, Vice President of Product Management at Freshworks discusses how industries can best integrate automation in the future of IT service.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, automation
August 31, 2022

Too often, IT’s work is done behind the scenes, and is only noticeable when things go wrong. Here is how to change that.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, employee engagement
August 31, 2022

For true transformative change to take hold, it requires a fundamental redefinition of what IT service management is. Also, it’s not a one-and-done process.
Tag(s): supportworld, technology, automation
August 30, 2022

In this IndustryVoices piece, Chad Haftorson of Freshworks discusses the promise of AI and Machine Learning in the new working landscape.
Tag(s): supportworld, technology, automation
August 29, 2022

To improve overall network security, IT professionals should routinely review and improve their enterprise's firewall design and implementation.
Tag(s): supportworld, best practice, security management
August 24, 2022

Service portals are a fundamental part of IT service and support, and we should take care to think about the customer experience when designing these self-service tools.
Tag(s): supportworld, self-service tools, self-service
August 23, 2022

We must analyze human-caused errors without judgment to reveal what shortcomings in processes and automation created situations ripe for problems.
Tag(s): supportworld, best practice, human resources
August 22, 2022

Home offices have posed a security challenge for many enterprises, requiring IT professionals to rethink their overall network strategy and embrace a Zero Trust approach.
Tag(s): supportworld, best practice, business of support
August 15, 2022

To create the IT team you need, you must align your vision with your business’ values and think strategically in your hiring practices.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, employee engagement
August 15, 2022