by Chris Chagnon
Date Published February 19, 2020 - Last Updated September 2, 2020

For me, SupportWorld Live and Service Management World are mentally stimulating, content-packed, events with so much to see and do. The events offer block after block of content, vendors, workshops, and networking galore, the expo offers bright lights, cool new technology, more information than you are prepared to take in. You flutter through the days of the events, and then the last day of the conference hits and you travel home, set to return to your normal life.

Energized with opportunities and new knowledge, you want to empower change within your organization. But the post-conference depression sets in and everything seems a little bit different. Luckily, the excitement and energy of the events doesn’t need to end at the airport. There are many ways to stay involved and keep the buzz of the big events continuing throughout the year.

Talk to Vendors

In the expo and the conference sessions, you most likely gave up your business card or contact information to several vendors. Some you may have given your info in hopes of winning a prize. But vendors can offer a lot more than a gift-card and endless swag. In the days and weeks following the events, you will undoubtedly be contacted by vendors looking to check in with you and follow-up about your interest in their products. My best advice to you is to hear them out. Even if you had ulterior, prize-based motives for giving them your contact info, the vendors that support the HDI events do some really cool things.

You may have initiatives in new areas such as chat-bots, AI, and service automation, or you might be looking for an ITSM, training, or knowledge management solution. Even if you recently signed a contract for a system and aren’t actively looking, it can be valuable to see what options are out there and to stay aware of industry trends. Many vendors are more than happy to chat with you and show off their tech, so make the most of it and pick up the phone when they call.

Join the HDI Community

HDI community membership gives you access to HDIConnect, an interactive forum and social network that allows you to continue networking with your peers and industry experts. The HDI community provides a wealth of knowledge and information about everything in the ITSM world. Did you meet some people at conference but forget to get their contact information? You can reconnect with them through the HDIConnect platform. The HDIConnect communities have sections for everything you can think of including industry verticals, IT support areas, and regional communities, allowing you to quickly start a discussion on almost anything and get answers from people across the globe.

Did you meet some people at conference but forget to get their contact information?
Tweet: Did you meet some people at conference but forget to get their contact information? @Chagn0n @ThinkHDI #ITSM #servicedesk #SupportWorld

From HDIConnect, you can access HDI content, including industry practices and salary reports, trend reports, and toolkits that can continue adding value for your organization throughout the year. These reports can help you stay on top of trends and keep control of the ever-changing landscape in ITSM.

If you are reading this, chances are you’re aware of SupportWorld, HDI’s online publication that provides innovative content from experts around the globe. SupportWorld is a great way to continue to gain knowledge on service desk strategies and insight on ITSM topics. And, you can get SupportWorld delivered to your inbox when you subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

In addition to SupportWorld, HDI offers frequent interactive webinars with industry experts. You can participate live and even ask questions of the practitioners to address your organization’s challenges or review the archives of recorded content on-demand, on your own time.

Engage on Social Media

Staying involved on social platforms like Twitter allows you to connect with your peers and see what everyone is up to. You can also engage in various weekly structured chats based on your interest. Twitter chats like #custserv, #itsmchat, while not run by HDI, are great ways to participate in discussions with a low barrier to entry.

If you are more of a passive consumer of information, following @ThinkHDI and industry leaders such as HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders and Featured Contributors is a great way to fill your social feeds with the latest innovations and industry insights.

Join an HDI Local Chapter

The HDI Local Chapters allow you to network and learn with both physical and virtual events in your region. With 50+ local chapters, chances are there is a group near you that holds events that may be of interest to you. The local chapters are a great opportunity to make connections with people in your region who can help you solve problems or commiserate on issues you may be experiencing. The local chapter events provide an opportunity to continue to build relationships with those you meet at the HDI conferences and help give a taste of what the bigger HDI events offer.

Continue the Conversation Year-Round

The time between events doesn’t need to be so drab. Staying active in the community can help you build a network of valuable resources to help you continue your own growth and to add value to your organization.  

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Chris Chagnon is an ITSM application and web developer who designs, develops, and maintains award-winning experiences for managing and carrying out the ITSM process. Chris has a Master of Science in Information Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. In addition, Chris is a PhD Candidate studying Information Systems with a focus on user and service experience. As one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders, Chris speaks nationally about the future of ITSM, practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, gamification, continual service improvement, and customer service/experience. Follow Chris on Twitter @Chagn0n .
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