Help us identify who provides the best advice and support in the industry, and we’ll compile a Top 25 list based on your suggestions.

by Craig Idlebrook
Date Published September 27, 2022 - Last Updated January 20, 2023

We all lean on others to learn about our professions, and social media makes that process more important and more instantaneous.

Each year, HDI puts together a list of the top thought leaders in the IT service and support industry. We’d like your help to identify the top 25 IT pros who you follow on social media for great advice.

Who are the IT service and support thought leaders you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn? Who inspires you to be a better leader, or shares creative ideas that help you make improvements? Who keeps you abreast of the latest trends? Let us know by nominating your favorite thought leaders!

To nominate an IT service and support leader, click on this form. You do not need a Google account to fill out the form. Nominations are due by December 05, 2022!

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