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"Your Call Is Important to Us": Customer Service vs. Customer Experience 

The customer experience is spread across the organization, beyond IT, making it much harder to envision and manage effectively. As a result, many companies have fallen into the trap of providing inadequate and sometimes downright poor support to their customers. Read more...


For a successful service catalog implementation, you’ll need to agree on the definition of service and understand your customers’ needs.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, service catalog, customer experience
June 10, 2020

Change management should focus less on outputs and more on the desired outcomes the organization requires of change.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, change management, business value, agile, devops, ITIL
June 4, 2020

You need to choose metrics that have realistic SLAs and make sense to every stakeholder they affect, not just your service desk team.
Tag(s): supportworld, metrics and measurements, customer service, service level agreement, SLA
June 2, 2020

Industry experts and practitioners discussed the future of service and support in this one-day virtual summit.
Tag(s): supportworld, coronavirus, customer experience, customer service, desktop support, metrics and measurements, service management, support center, technology, workforce enablement, workforce enablement
May 29, 2020

The IT culture we’ve known will not survive in the 2020s. It is up to us whether IT provides the competitive advantage that helps our companies survive.
Tag(s): supportworld, coronavirus, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, technology, culture
May 27, 2020

Enterprise Service Management extends the use of service management practices, processes, and tools across business units outside of IT.
Tag(s): service management, supportworld, ITSM, business value
May 26, 2020

With competition so high and failure so public, a CSAT program gives your company the data it needs to ensure the customer experience remains positive.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer satisfaction, customer experience, customer-satisfaction-measurement, customer service, metrics and measurements
May 19, 2020

Whether we call it a process or a practice, if we aren’t engaged and working together collaboratively, we won’t produce value for the business.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, ITIL, business value
May 14, 2020

Crises and remote work have created the need for greater thoughtfulness, transparency, and communication from service and support leaders.
Tag(s): supportworld, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, leadership, customer experience, coronavirus
May 13, 2020

A well-done value stream map helps organizations understand what the customer values and the most efficient way of delivering that value.
Tag(s): supportworld, service desk, continual service improvement, business value, support center, service management, customer experience
May 12, 2020