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"Your Call Is Important to Us": Customer Service vs. Customer Experience 

The customer experience is spread across the organization, beyond IT, making it much harder to envision and manage effectively. As a result, many companies have fallen into the trap of providing inadequate and sometimes downright poor support to their customers. Read more...


Customer experience for a service desk is more important than ever, because being able to serve and retain customers is more challenging than ever.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer experience, customer satisfaction, coronavirus
May 5, 2020

Roy Atkinson interviewed Ben Brennan on metrics and customer experience for IT and technical support.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer experience, metrics and measurements, technical support, podcast
April 14, 2020

The ingredients are a few key activities with the correct proportions of people, process, and technology.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, tools, ITSM, business value
April 9, 2020

Every interaction is an opportunity to exceed expectations and create a valuable experience for our customers.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer service, customer experience, coronavirus
April 2, 2020

Even the most empathy-willing analysts will struggle to show empathy when they’re overburdened.
Tag(s): coronavirus, supportworld, workforce enablement, customer experience
April 1, 2020

Now that work from home is a rule, not an exception, how can we continue to deliver high-quality service management in this new normal?
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, customer experience, self-service, SLA, workforce enablement, automation, coronavirus
March 31, 2020

Spending time observing, empathizing, and experiencing customer problems is foundational.
Tag(s): supportworld, coronavirus, customer experience, customer service
March 30, 2020

Customer effort measures how easy it is for your customers to do business with you.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer experience, metrics and measurements
March 26, 2020

It’s time for us to raise the bar for customer experience in IT service and support. Here are the new rules for ITSM in 2020.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer experience, technology, ITSM, service management, coronavirus
March 19, 2020

Consider these five ways to integrate cell phones with your service management tool to provide an enhanced employee experience.
Tag(s): supportworld, workforce enablement, ITSM, customer experience, mobile device support
March 12, 2020