Featured: The State of Service Management in 2021

This report, focusing on the state of service management in 2021, provides service management and technical support leaders with the essential insights and knowledge needed to make data-based decisions that will ultimately improve the services and support provided by their organizations and help them advance in their careers. It illustrates current practices, processes, solutions, and strategies related to service management and enterprise service management.

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Learn how one organization turned their KCS investment into strategic value with minimum outside help.
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The blending of Millenials, Gen Xers, Gen Yers, Baby Boomers and those of us born on the cusp of any of these groupings calls for a level of management expertise with which many are just not equipped.
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When the service disruption has been significant, it is often appropriate to send out a communication to the affected users and other stakeholders providing them information about what, when, why, and how the service disruption occurred, along with what was done to restore the service and...
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Overenthusiastic advocates of any initiative often jump into action before thinking things through, but just because one organization saved money by using peer-to-peer support, that doesn’t mean it will work in every organization in the same way.
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Asset management is a time-consuming task, and larger organizations have a greater need for dedicated toolsets. What features should IT look for when selecting this type of software?
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While the practice of problem management isn’t new, the buzz surrounding its implementation and benefits continues to grow as organizations mature and move beyond incident management. HDI recently conducted a survey of 475 technical support professionals, across more than thirty vertical...
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Knowledge management is a hot topic in our industry, with more and more organizations making it a priority each year. And as with any enterprise initiative, such as ITIL, outsourcing, or any number of equally dynamic implementations, it’s success depends on the participation and buy-in of the...
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Knowledge has exploded, and by that I mean, knowledge is everywhere. Knowledge is accessible. Knowledge has been democratized, crowdsourced, repurposed, remixed, and regurgitated. Where knowledge was once scarce, it is now abundant. Where knowledge was once controlled, it is now free. It’s taken...
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In the mobile world, employees, customers, and IT staff expect to work from anywhere. It’s about freedom of location, device choice, and productive applications. As such, business services must have the capacity to deliver support to mobile devices and their users as well as the ability to...
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If your service desk already has a great set of processes in place, good news: with just a little effort, you can reuse many of those same processes to optimize and improve your knowledge management program! After all, reuse is one of the main principles of Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)....
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