The world of IT is constantly evolving and with it, IT positions. However, there's no one path that will suit all organizations. Here, IT thought leaders share how they think the titles and roles will evolve in the near future.
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June 8, 2021

At a time when budgets are being stretched thin, the needs for 24/7 IT services is growing. Managed IT services may help bridge the gap between what is needed and what is affordable for many small- or mid-sized businesses.
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June 3, 2021

Organizations must overcome the limitations of VPNs to become true digital businesses and rethink how they can better support and secure their remote workforce. Here is the argument as to why from a chief security officer, and tips for how to do it.
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June 2, 2021

Experts predicted that it would take some time for the industry to adopt cloud technology because of initial limitations, but all that has changed as the capabilities have become scalable to meet differing needs. Best-of-breed capabilities, customizable user interface, availability, and...
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June 1, 2021

We group 10 great columns from Jeff Rumburg of MetricNet that examine some of the key performance indicators of the IT service and support industry. Each column can serve as a great introduction or refresher of the way we measure how the job gets done.
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May 26, 2021

We ask five questions of Lisa Kemp Jones, who leads the Customer Engagement unit of IT Services at UCLA and is part of HDI’s Strategic Advisory Board. She recommends keeping your eyes, ears, and mind open at every stage in your career.
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May 25, 2021

While some hacks are sophisticated, many more rely on gaining the trust of employees to gain essential credentials to compromise security. Implementing cybersecurity best practices will enable your organization to work productively and safely without having your information hijacked by...
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May 19, 2021

There is an impulse to deliver exceptional service to all, and the prospect of offering premium service seems to run counter to that. However, if you can establish great service as the baseline, then offering premium-level service for those who can pay makes the business model more affordable...
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May 18, 2021

In our continuing series on shifting to a value-driven service management model, Alma Miller discusses the lessons she learned from a disastrous 24-hour road trip with her family. During the trip, she learned the value of abandoning a plan that isn’t working for all stakeholders.
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May 17, 2021

New AI may now be able to take on repetitive managerial tasks. Here’s a case for utilizing new automation tools to ensure that your organization’s processes and procedures are followed efficiently and correctly, and an introductory overview of workflow automation.
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April 28, 2021