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We asked hundreds of your peers throughout the technical support community—including current members and those not yet involved with HDI—what they wanted from a professional membership association.

They told us they want to be part of a community where they could make connections, learn best practices, establish friendships, and grow. A place where they could go to:

  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Learn from their peers
  • Excel in their careers
  • Improve the maturity of their support organizations
  • Acknowledge and celebrate professional achievement
  • Save money on professional and organizational development

HDI members are passionate. They’re united by common objectives and challenges, by a pride in their industry, and by a drive to be great at what they do. Join thousands of your friends on a journey that will advance your career and improve your support center.

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What's included with HDI membership?

Members get access to valuable research and opportunities that help them connect, learn, and succeed—at one low price:

  • Access to HDIConnect, the online member community
  • Regular HDI local chapter meet-ups
  • Quarterly industry Practices & Salary Reports
  • Certification Standards
  • Support Center Standards
  • Trend Reports
  • Toolkits
  • Significant discounts

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