IT Service Management in 2022: ‘Keeping the ‘Lights On’ vs Delivering Employee Delight

with , , Chris Chagnon
Sunday, Jun 19, 2022

As we move through 2022, IT faces constantly increasing ticket volumes and ongoing operational disruptions as organizations adapt to hybrid workplaces. Amidst those challenges, businesses expect IT to deliver and support services at the scale and pace needed to achieve their aspirations - while also delivering a modern workplace experience for all employees. 

As disruption and accelerating demand become the new normal, modern service management platforms are critical tools supporting continuous IT improvements, enabling the introduction and expansion of enterprise service management initiatives and acting as a powerful enabler of employee experience throughout the organization. 

Join Chris Chagnon, Vicki Rogers, and Deepthi Nagarajan for an hour-long, in-depth discussion exploring how IT leaders can (and must) make the leap from being reactive “tech managers” to being proactive changemakers who work with every department to deliver sustainable competitive advantage across their business.

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ITSM Architect
Chris Chagnon is an ITSM application and web developer who designs, develops, and maintains award-winning experiences for managing and carrying out the ITSM process. Chris has a Master of Science in Information Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. In addition, Chris is a PhD Candidate studying Information Systems with a focus on user and service experience. As one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders, Chris speaks nationally about the future of ITSM, practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, gamification, continual service improvement, and customer service/experience. Follow Chris on Twitter @Chagn0n.

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