Whether it's an annual industry report or a quarterly brief, research is one of the cornerstones of HDI membership. We survey the industry regularly to find out where it is and where it's headed, and then we share that information with our members.

How Members Use HDI Research

Members share this information with their peers and executives, using it to:

  • Validate current or proposed practices and strategies
  • Justify investments
  • Benchmark performance against similar organizations
  • Make data-based decisions
  • And more!

If you aren't already a member, we've curated a collection of infographics to give you a taste of the data and analysis available exclusively to HDI members. To learn more about our other research-based offerings, click on the icons below. If you like what you see, become a member!




case study

Practices & Salary Reports


Research Briefs 

Data and trend analysis on metrics, ticket management, operations, technology use, salaries, and more


Practical analysis on trending industry topics

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