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Date Published December 21, 2023 - Last Updated December 20, 2023

From showing the value of your service desk to transforming your vendors into partners to enhance the customer experience, this year, we covered a variety of topics to make your work easier. As we count down to #1, here's the next installment in our top 23 articles of 2023.

#19: Achieving Great Experience for Less

Phyllis Drucker

headshotFor years, people have approached the need to scale support (or do more with less) by implementing self-service technology. And while the service portal is a key component of a holistic support approach, this is not the answer.

#18: Four Keys for Driving Better Business Value and Results with Your Service Desk

Doug Tedder

Headshot of Doug TedderDo you feel that your service desk isn’t being valued or appreciated? Here are four keys for driving better business value and business results with this team.

#17: How Do You Illustrate Business Value of the Service Desk?

Doug Tedder

Headshot of Doug TedderHow do you show the value of your service desk — and why is it important to do so? Here are some things to consider as you create strategy for you team.

#16: Transform Your Vendors into Partners to Enhance the Customer Experience

Nancy Louisnord

Headshot of Nancy LouisnordRelying on more vendors means a more significant chunk of the service and value chain is out of your control. Strategic vendor management, therefore, becomes an essential focus to live up to ever-increasing demands and complexities. Check out some strategies to tackle this.

#15: Look Within to Manage Experience

Patrycja Sobera

In an age of hybrid working, when employees can make snap decisions about where and how they work — and share their experience via social media, you can’t leave experience to chance. Ensuring a good experience for your team may be the difference between thriving or failing.

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