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You want to make sure you are looking at *benefits* not at features... Start with your desired outcomes and work back to the tool. You might want to check out this webinar - Tech Is Money: Demystifying the RFP Process Good luck in your quest! ------------------------------ Roy Atkinson Sr. Writer / Analyst HDI Colorado Springs CO [Phone] ------------------------------

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Sometimes it just takes one reply or thought to get one going. For future reference (maybe) I ended up coming up with the list below: *=Possible future requirement AD Integration Internal reporting Contain a Knowledge Base Allow ability to either attach email and/or SharePoint links Ability to embed pictures easily into documentation Easily searchable Ability to differentiate internal and external Possible ability to import from OneNote Incident and Request Problem Integration Link [More]

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My team supports three university campuses plus all the students, faculty and staff that are working from off-campus. When there is an emergency that forces us out of our building (AC out, power out, etc) or a weather event that keeps us from going to work (ice, ice, more awful ice on the roads), we believe it is still important for our agents to be able to work from another location in order to continue providing support to the other campuses and off-campus folks. We also wanted to have a 'return [More]

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6 Steps to Build a Knowledge Management Culture

Realizing that implementing knowledge management is a strategic initiative, and must be planned, designed, and implemented using a lifecycle approach, results in an organization-wide process that literally transforms your culture and the way people work. Instead of having to think about how to search the knowledge base for a solution or an answer, service and support staff will just do that as a matter of carrying out their normal routine.

Focus on People: Skills, Training, and Satisfaction in Technical Support

Our world, especially as it relates to technology, is undergoing a period of incredibly rapid change. Technology is permeating areas of work where it hasn’t previously, and customers and end users are being barraged with new tools and ways of doing things every day. When things go wrong or they're confused by changes, people turn to the support center. Picking up the phone or opening a chat may not be their first choice, but a well-run support center makes it their best choice.

Metrics: First Level Resolution

First Level Resolution (FLR) is a simple enough metric. It answers the question, “How many resolutions were we able to provide without hierarchical escalation?” It’s a measure of efficiency and effectiveness, showing whether your Level 1 analysts are resolving a high percentage of the contacts that come their way. However, there are two major ways to measure FLR.