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Hi Everyone, I have been working on a scoring card for some time and we have put a good one together for the Service Desk and Desktop Group however it is extensive and warrants it to be more simplified. Has anyone have a good example to share that would allow a Supervisor or Team Lead to be able to run 5 - 10 of these per week per tech. At the moment we are only able to do 3 at most as it is time consuming. Best, John ------------------------------ John Alexiou Senior Manager, Support Services [More]

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I'm seeing a few directions in this thread, so I'll respond to both: Remote access for associates to access network resources - we use both Citrix and Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Most employees either use one or the other depending on their role with the company (our IT staff use Citrix heavily to remotely access shared desktops and certain applications, while most of our sales staff use Cisco AnyConnect VPN to connect to the network and then access networked resources from a portal or installed applications) [More]

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I'm doing a bit of research to help our senior leadership understand where we stand compared to other service desks, and I'm curious to see average weekly contact volume for tier 1 desks compared to the size of your user base. I've seen some of the "industry research", but I'd like to hear from the community as well to validate. What is your weekly average contact volume & size of your user base? Do you offer internal-only, external-only, or blended support? Is your support center 24x7 or limited [More]

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There Is More Than One Way to Do Problem Management

Problem management doesn’t have to be complicated, and every organization regardless of size can have an effective problem management function, as long as you take the time to identify what’s consumable for your organization. Remember in order for this to achieve maximum effectiveness, there must be consensus across all organizations that have to participate that the need exists and most importantly an understanding or agreement on the value that problem management can provide to your company.

Good Customer Service and Good Security

Too often, information security is viewed as someone else’s job, and the goals of security (to protect) and support (to assist) are often at direct odds. But one of the best services we can provide for our customers, whether they are internal or external, is keeping their personal information—and the information needed for the business—safe. The first line of assistance should also be the first line of defense.

Focus on Frameworks and Methodologies: They Are Not Mutually Exclusive

In the business of IT, we are susceptible to “shiny object syndrome.” We want it, and we want it now, because of what we think it will do for us the instant we pick it up or install the software. Of course our real-world experience tells us something different. Adopting a new framework or methodology requires study, planning, strategizing, and healthy doses of organizational change management, all of which need to be thought about before buying a new tool.