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2019 Best Customer Experience Winner

Best Customer Experience 
UDIT Service Center, University of Dayton

Best Customer Experience Award Application

Manager of the Year Award

This award will go to the organization that best leverages its people, processes, and technology to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty for the brand. Organizations that set high standards for customer interactions and instill that culture in their employee will be recognized.

Finalists are determined based on the following criteria:

  • A thoughtful and strategic philosophy around customer experience management
  • Evidence of a strategic methodology for measuring and communicating customer satisfaction to employees, management, and other key stakeholders
  • Evidence of the effective integration of the customer experience initiative with the support organization's coaching, analyst training, and ongoing development
  • Evidence of a strategic approach to managing dissatisfied customers
  • Before-and-after evidence of the impact of the support organization's customer experience initiative on the customer experience

Nominations for the award must be submitted by October 31.

Guidelines and criteria for the Best Customer Experience Award.