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2019 Best Use of Technology Winner

Best Use of Technology  
Information Technology Services, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Best Use of Technology Award Application

Manager of the Year Award

This award will go to the support organization that has most successfully leveraged technology to improve services. This includes how this technology or tool was identified to meet the support organization’s objectives; the process in which the technology was selected or developed; the team structure implementing, utilizing, or supporting it; and performance before vs. after implementation.

Please focus on a SINGLE technology piece or ONE technology suite of services that was deployed as a SINGLE project.

Finalists are determined based on the following criteria:

  • A clear understanding of the key objectives and expected ROI behind the implementation
  • A clear description of the process in which the support organization chose this technology
  • Clear proof of a thoughtful implementation approach, as shown by milestones and benchmarks
  • A unique approach, including key points of distinction from other deployments of similar technology and a focus on continual enhancements
  • Clear evidence of the positive impact this technology has had on both the analysts and customer experience
  • Evidence that the technology product or suite of services has had a broader positive impact beyond the support organization
  • Clear articulation of how this technology has driven success for the team, and why this use case is award-worthy

Nominations for the award must be submitted by October 31.

Guidelines and criteria for the Best Use of Technology Award.