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Best Change Management Initiative Award Application

The Best Change Management Initiative Award recognizes an organization that has successfully adopted or enhanced change management strategies to improve the support organization’s ability to enable beneficial changes, with minimum disruption to IT Services. Winners in this category have demonstrated strategies that benefit the customers, the support staff, and the business. 

Finalists are determined based on the following criteria: 
  • A clear understanding of the key objectives and expected ROI behind the initiative.
  • A clear description of the process in which the support organization chose to implement the plan.
  • Clear proof of a thoughtful implementation approach, as shown by milestones and benchmarks.
  • A unique approach and a focus on continual enhancements.
  • Clear evidence of the positive impact this initiative has had on the business, from the perspective of both employees/analysts and customers.
  • Clear articulation of how this initiative has driven success for the team, and why this case is award-worthy.
Nominations are now open for this award. The deadline for submissions is July 31.