HDI’s service management awards recognize support organizations that have generated positive results in service management. In addition to recognizing excellence in our industry, these awards promote service improvement and enable organizations to learn from the experiences of others.

Each award addresses a specific area of service management, and applicants are asked to demonstrate how they implemented or improved projects or initiatives that brought measurable value to their organizations in the preceding eighteen months. The four awards, to be presented each year at Service Management World, are the Best Service Improvement Initiative, Best Knowledge Management Initiative, Best Change Management Initiative, and Best Problem Management Initiative.
We will be accepting nominations through July 31, 2019.

Finalists will be named and notified on or around September 6, 2019.

Finalist interviews will be conducted in late September, and winners will be announced at Service Management World in November.

Best Service Improvement Initiative     


The Best Service Improvement Initiative Award recognizes an organization that has successfully adopted or improved one or more service offerings. There is no limit to the scope of the award beyond service improvement, which could include improved internal process efficiencies or improvements in service quality and the customer experience. The improvement strategy could be based on a published methodology or framework, or it could be a result of innovation within the organization.

Finalists are determined based on the following criteria: 

  • A clear understanding of the key objectives and expected ROI behind the initiative.
  • A clear description of the process in which the support organization chose to adopt the plan.
  • Clear proof of a thoughtful adoption approach, as shown by milestones and benchmarks.
  • A unique approach and a focus on continual enhancements.
  • Clear evidence of the positive impact this initiative has had on the business, from the perspective of both employees/analysts and customers.
  • Clear articulation of how this initiative has driven success for the team, and why this case is award-worthy.
Nomination Questions:

  1. Briefly, describe how the support organization determined the NEED for service improvement. What challenge were you attempting to solve or advantage did you want to gain? (max 500 words)
  2. Describe the process by which the support organization chose this particular approach to service improvement. (max 500 words)
  3. Describe your adoption process and milestones. How did you measure success? Provide evidence. (max 1,000 words)
  4. What challenges did you need to overcome within the adoption, and is there anything that you would have done differently in retrospect? (max 1,000 words)
  5. Was there anything unique or innovative about the service improvement initiative? Please describe. (max 500 words)
  6. How has the service improvement initiative improved the overall efficiency or results of the support organization? Please explain the impact on analysts and customers. Provide metrics to illustrate your results. (max 1,000 words)
  7. Upload any relevant documentation (dashboards, spreadsheets, etc.)