HDI Consulting Services

As a service and support center leader, there are many things that can keep you up at night. Are you staffed correctly? Are your processes working like they need to be? And how can you improve the performance of your support center?

Managing a support center is a journey of perpetual change and improvement. Even if you’re confident that your support center is efficient, effective, and an asset to the organization, rapid changes in the industry will force you to adapt and change. And there is one foolproof way to find out where you stand and to get the help you need to improve: HDI Consulting Services.

HDI Consulting Services can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your service and support center, making it an even more essential element to business success.

  • Establish a baseline to measure the impact of future changes
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives through expert, advisor solutions
  • Benchmark your maturity against an industry standard
  • Review current programs and processes in place to identify critical shortcomings
  • Develop an action plan to improve performance

Secure an objective review, develop a meaningful action plan, and achieve customer loyalty with these game-changing consulting services:

    • ITIL CMM (Capability Maturity Model) Assessment - NEW
    • HDI takes a holistic look at the overall maturity of key service management processes, the goal is to identify, assess and review processes to provide detailed feedback and scoring to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness for your organization. This is an overall assessment of key SM processes; the main deliverable is a CMM Assessment Report. This assessment reviews levels of process maturity and scores them based on level of progress towards achieving three key objectives:

      1. To establish the purpose and benefits of the process maturity assessment as it relates to the continual improvement model
      2. To provide detailed findings from the CMM Assessment
      3. To provide experience based, best practice recommendations based on the assessment findings

    • Service Management Process Maturity Assessment - NEW
    • HDI will focus on a key process or processes during the assessment to determine the level of maturity for each process reviewed. At the completion of the assessment, we deliver a detailed assessment report to your senior leadership, with specific, structured guidance on how to implement our recommendations.

    • Advisor Solutions
    • These customizable consulting solutions are performed virtually or at your center. Do you have a specific challenge like a lack of standard operating procedures? A need to integrate knowledge management or quality assurance? Or just general operational concerns? Our advisor solutions offer you expert advice and will give you practical knowledge. We’ll help you develop an action plan that empowers your center to make changes quickly and efficiently

    • Best Practice Assessments
    • Get a true picture of your support center's maturity and ensure that your support center is performing at its best. This assessment, delivered by an expert auditor, provides you with a current state baseline, gap analysis, and recommendations for improvement.

    • Support Center Certification
    • Gain the ultimate recognition and promote the value of your support center. Achieving certification is a milestone that acknowledges your team's efforts, while demonstrating its value to your organization. Or get re-certified and continue to drive your team to continual improvement.

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HDI Customer Satisfaction Index

The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is not your ordinary survey tool. Developed specifically for the technical service and technical support industry by a team of IT practitioners and customer service professionals, the HDI CSI is a user-friendly, web-based, secure tool that helps support centers measure customer satisfaction. Our surveying service provides an efficient and affordable way for you to understand your customers' satisfaction, and ultimately ensure that your support center is an invaluable asset to the organization.

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