IT support organizations provide a truly invaluable service - always ready and willing to solve complex problems at a moment's notice. Don't you deserve the same treatment when you have a complex or difficult challenge of your own? At HDI, our ITSM and IT support consulting arm has been providing this industry with the highly-customized, expert guidance and support it deserves for over 35 years. With world-renowned expertise in all aspects of ITSM and customer support, we're your most trusted resource for optimizing support center operations.

HDI Leads the Way in ITSM Consulting

HDI is your premier destination for IT support consulting and training. We specialize in IT service management (ITSM) and offer comprehensive services to meet your IT needs. Our team of expert IT support consultants is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your organization's IT operations run smoothly.

Expert ITSM Consulting

At HDI, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in ITSM consulting. Our consultants are highly skilled in helping organizations implement and optimize ITSM practices, ensuring improved efficiency, productivity, and service quality. We get to know your unique challenges and develop tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.

All HDI consulting services can be conducted virtually!      

HDI ITSM IT Support AI Readiness Assessment

This HDI self-assessment survey and scorecard, helps you understand where you are on the AI readiness scale. Download Sample Report

HDI ITSM IT Support Operation Health Check

This HDI consulting service offers a fast, efficient method of assessing and diagnosing inefficiencies within your IT support center. Download Sample Report

ITSM IT Support Assessment - Best Practices

This consulting engagement provides a complete analysis of all ITSM and IT support operations, plus recommendations for improvement. Download Sample Report

IT Support Center Site Certification - HDI

This service provides the highest form of guidance and recognition for achieving IT support and ITSM best practices across all areas of operation. Download Sample Report

ITSM IT Service Management Consulting

Tap into HDI's vast knowledge of IT Service Management to optimize your people, processes, and technology for peak efficiency.

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By partnering with HDI for your next project, you're getting the focused attention of the industry's leading minds. Our ITSM and IT support consultants work with you every step of the way, building out custom solutions for your unique objectives, within your given budget. Regardless of your challenges, our solutions are designed to:

1. Prioritize improvement initiatives through expert consulting solutions.

2. Benchmark your performance against an industry standard.

3. Review current programs and processes in place to identify critical shortcomings.

4. Develop an action plan to improve performance in key operational areas.

5. Leave our customers with the ability to measure the impact and drive continuous improvement.


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