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I manage a large group of 80+ employees as well. I historically do not have an attendance problem, but I do use the Bradford Scale to rate those one or two per year who find themselves missing too much work. The Bradford Scale is a way to measure your worst offendors. Higher points determine your worst offenders. You will need to remove any days/occurrences for FMLA, as those should not be included. Below is an explanation of the scale and how the scale is calculated. I copied the formula from [More]

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Personally I have many thoughts on this subject throughout my career. No matter where I work, this is an issue (attendance/tardy) For me bottom line is this: There is a reason why your schedule has you start working when we need you. This is part of the job, where you need to be ready at the time indicated Things happen, flat tires, traffic etc so we give you an allowance of 6 instances throughout the year to be late/unplanned If something effects more than 20% of the staff like, traffic jam, [More]

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We are using Verint 360 and seems to work fine. We don't capture screen scrapes or anything like that, however, we have tested it and it works. ------------------------------ Donald Chew Help Desk Supervisor Mayo Clinic Rochester MN ------------------------------

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