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I'd love insight into how you are handling HBW's at your company. Do you have guidelines or hard and fast technology requirements? Is it company owned equipment, therefore easy to hold users to the standard? Are there certain providers required for phone and/or internet, etch? Are there HR policies in place? for example, if you cannot work from home given an issue with your home internet, are you required to take the day off, etc.? How do you monitor/govern the technology used - in other [More]

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After the recent ice storm that swept the Midwest, I thought it would be a good time to get everyone's perspective on BCDR Plans. We support multiple clients and are a 24x7 shop. We have multiple locations, which work to our advantage in a BCDR type situation or weather related. However, this can also be a challenge based on taking our physical phones with us to that specific location. Also, in a worst case type scenario we also utilize soft phones as well. Do you do anything different that makes [More]

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Hi Bill, We currently offer VMware Horizon as a remote access tool only. Primary desktops/laptops are still physical company assets. Both are managed through SCCM. No one is required to use View as we also offer Citrix and VPN (through company issued laptops) but those remote users that have tried View really like it. Especially compared to Citrix. I am using it now and from an IT perspective it is PHENOMENAL to have all your apps, bookmarks and tools available at your fingertips when perhaps [More]

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Swarm to Serve: Team vs Tier-Based Service for Support Centers

Tier-based support is a pre-defined linear process that was developed around stove pipes and silos. In today’s fast-paced environment, it simply does not meet the expectations of our customers and, when we fail to meet our customer expectations, they will go elsewhere. One of the greatest benefits to swarming is that it not only gets the problem resolved, it usually happens much more quickly. Additionally, this process also becomes a great training mechanism for front-line employees.

Why Knowledge Management, and Why Now?

Knowledge management (KM) can be a touchy subject in the world of support. Many organizations struggle with it, and far fewer have managed to create a mature KM process. What is your strategy to improve knowledge management in your organization in 2017?

When is a KPI a KPI?

KPIs give us the ability to quantify what is most important to monitor as we work to achieve goals and objectives. The trick is that not every measure is a key performance indicator. After all, we can (and do) measure all kinds of things. So, what makes a measure a KPI? The answer depends on a few factors.