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Hi Deb, Would you mind explaining how your on call support after hours works? What lines of contact do you offer? Phone, chat, email? How do analysts get paid? The entire shift or just if they are called? What is the turnaround (SLA) to answer that support requests that come through? We have very low call volume on Saturdays and some holidays, so I wonder how I could make an "on call" alternative work... Thanks! ------------------------------ Dawn Dunn Director of Technical Services Wilson [More]

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Brandon, are your chat sessions simultaneously updating the incident ticket in your ticketing tool? Appreciate your information, we are going to turn on ServiceNow Chat. Thanks! ------------------------------ Lori Haakinson Manager of Technical Support @Telligen Des Moines, IA 515.453.8112 ------------------------------

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Hi John - We use chat as a contact channel (internal support, 10K plus employees, business hours across the U.S.), and have found it to be very well received based on survey feedback and IT/Business discussions across the company. 1 - our standard is 2 chats simultaneously. We have scripts for non-responsive customers at 2, 5 and 10 minutes which keeps the chat flowing. 2 - total time of chat is 20 mins +/- with roughly same FCR / MTTR as phone. With 2 chats simultaneously, and keeping in mind [More]

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There Is More Than One Way to Do Problem Management

Problem management doesn’t have to be complicated, and every organization regardless of size can have an effective problem management function, as long as you take the time to identify what’s consumable for your organization. Remember in order for this to achieve maximum effectiveness, there must be consensus across all organizations that have to participate that the need exists and most importantly an understanding or agreement on the value that problem management can provide to your company.

The Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures for Tech Support

The role of management in support is a very demanding position, and it’s easy to forget about some basics like SOPs. But the benefits for business continuity and achieving goals and the impact on training and employee morale is why support centers take time to make sure SOPs are maintained and followed by all. SOPs are not only a critical success factor in maintaining the quality of service level management, but also maintaining consistency between employees and departments.

Metrics: The Effects of Shift-Left

Shift-Left is a worthwhile undertaking. As with any change in your support center, make sure that your management understands that your metrics will change, and not always in a direction that “looks good.” Think through the effects of moving complex work to Level 1, and then communicate those effects to management before submitting metrics reports that show substantial change.