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What do you use other than the Erlang C tool to calculate Service Desk staffing needs?   In today's world where many contact channels other than just phone are used (email, self-service, chat, etc.) the Erlang C doesn't seem to cover the bases.  Also, one of my big issues is how to staff for the number of hours we are required to cover. ------------------------------ Vicki Becker Service Desk Manager Motorists Insurance Group/Brickstreet Mutual Insurance DeWitt IA ------------------------------

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Here is an article that summarizes the phone issues quite well   " robocalls explained "   Thanks all for your  responses.     ------------------------------ Charlie Kulins Manager Customer Services Adelphi University Garden City NY ------------------------------

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​ Thanks all!  I appreciate the responses.  Looks like there are not a lot of variety out there.  Plantronics and Jabra being the favorites. David, thanks for the battery idea.  I've actually just ordered a couple of those as add-ons for my 740 Savi's.  At the least my heavy talkers (an those who forget to charge during lunches or overnight) can have a hot spare battery! Brian ------------------------------ Brian Donahue Help Desk Supervisor Moffitt Cancer Center Tampa FL ----------------------- [More]

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